Sanctuary Snapshots

Get your feline fix with these candid cat moments at Lanai Cat Sanctuary – a place where it’s cool to be cat crazy.

12 thoughts on “Sanctuary Snapshots

  1. Getting from the harbor to our sanctuary is about a 25 minute drive. You can learn more by going to our Visit Us section: We’d love to have you volunteer while you are here.

  2. Coming to Maui Feb 20 to 27 if we take the ferry is there a bus or shuttle on the other side to the sanctuary?

  3. I am coming to Maui for a month and want to take the ferry over, but wont have a vehicle, is it easy to get to on foot? do I hitchhike, or take a shuttle? how much is the shuttle? I also would like to volunteer while I am there to help in someway and spend a couple days or so, please let me know how and if I should just wait till I arrive to talk about volunteering.

  4. Such Beautiful Babies!!!☺ I have 3 FURBABIES & my daughter & I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!😊🐱❤

  5. We will be in Maui for two weeks. I want to visit the sanctuary. It will be my first time. If we take the ferry over, can we take the shuttle and do we need to make a reservation for the shuttle? I am so excited.

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