Sheila Blair’s relationship to the Sanctuary began in 2016 when she and her husband lived part-time on Maui and took a trip to Lanai in 2016. They visited the Sanctuary and also the Mike Carroll Gallery, where they met Kathy Carroll, founder of the Sanctuary.

“I started visiting Lāna‘i, the Lions, Kathy, and Mike pretty regularly,” said Sheila. “Probably because of all the peace and love I feel in that special place. Family and friends who visit have the same feeling.”

Sheila’s latest trip to Lanai was with a special purpose – meet and possibly adopt Swift, a creamy white kitten she had seen in a video online. It was love at first sight when the Sanctuary staff introduced the two and Sheila quickly decided to make Swift a part of the family and take her home to California.

The kitten who was found at a water treatment plant on Lanai is bigger now and her full name is Mah Jongg Swift. She has settled in and brought fun and joy to her new household.

“I had only experienced having rescue cats that were older,” said Sheila. “Swift has gone from a slightly frightened little furball to an extremely playful, long-legged, slightly muscular, loud-talking, sassy (but cuddly) little spitfire. We have never laughed so much.”

Sheila said the funniest thing Swift does is every night she goes downstairs and carries as many as six or seven of her toys to the master bed. Sheila wakes up to balls and stuffed birds, fish and mice every morning!

In addition to her love for Swift, Sheila has a lot of love for the Sanctuary Staff.

“The cats have excellent medical care, clean food and water, and dedicated staff to love them and see to their needs,” said Sheila. “The sanctuary depends heavily on the support of volunteers and on donations. I highly recommend being a visitor or kama‘aina volunteer!”

You can follow Mah Jongg Swift on Instagram here.