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  •   WELL...For the price we paid to take the Ferry, plus lunch, plus donation, plus van ride to the sanctuary..It was ALOT of money. The cats were definitely strays that found themselves a perfect home! It's great that they have such a place for them. But I would say if you are going to make them trip to Lani'i make sure you figure out the other things to do!  If you are "just" going to see the sanctuary~was was too much! Ferry was $30 each way per person, Van $10 each way per person, donation((we did $20), lunch $20. But make sure you take LOTS of adorable photos! The cats were all friendly and cute to talk to.

    thumb Tina H.
  •   Is this purradise? Yes it is!

    There is truly something special about the Lana'i Cat Sanctuary. It could be the passion of the manager that was there to welcome us and give us bags of cat food. Or the volunteers that are keeping this place pristine. Or it could be that these cats are just so happy to see you.

    I grabbed a brush and spent a good twenty minutes brushing the cats in the kupuna sanctuary. Not all these cats are old, some have special diets or need special attention or medication.

    Nevertheless, this is a feel good, well maintained establishment. The founders own the art gallery in town and they sell a variety of t-shirts that were designed by the founder's husband.

    I heard so many other visitors sharing how much they missed their cats. If you are on vacation and need some cat love, this is your spot to reconnect!

    thumb Leah E.
  •   Such a wonderful idea! The Cat Sanctuary provides a comfortable home and care for Lanai's feral cats while also protecting native birds. The volunteers are welcoming and seem dedicated to helping visitors enjoy their time. I wanted to visit the Sanctuary ever since a colleague told me about it, but there isn't much other business I have on Lanai so it wasn't practical for me to rent a car for the day. Keoni from the Sanctuary provided detailed directions so I could make an informed decision whether to walk from the airport. I actually enjoyed the scenic walk in cool weather from the airport to the Cat Sanctuary. It took far less time to walk than my normal weekday drive from East Honolulu to downtown!! He also provided contact information for a shuttle service I ended up using to into Lanai City and back to the airport.

    The actual Sanctuary is very large (sheltering over 600 cats). They provided bags of cat treats visitors could use. There were volunteers moving around ready to assist. There was a separate "Kupuna" area for elderly or fragile cats. It was so nice to see all the cats being fed and sheltered and receiving needed care. There were a number of ways to donate: donation boxes, sponsorships, purchasing t-shirts, for example.

    The environment is comfortable, pleasant, and very relaxing. If I hadn't heard about the Cat Sanctuary I might never have seen Lanai which is really a beautiful place.

    thumb Randi C.
  •   If you are staying in Lanai, sure... go and check it out as you have all the time in the world. If you're going for a day-trip, skip it!  Only reason we went is because somebody said that it's the #1 attraction in Lanai... it's def NOT! There are so many other great attractions  to visit that take some time to get to - valley of the gods being one of many. We ran out of time towards the end of the day and couldn't  get to other places that were on our list.

    thumb Sarah M.
  •   What a nice place to visit! I love cats and this was a great place to see and play with the cats! I felt like I was in cat heaven! My husband wanted to bring a kitten home but even though they were adorable we didn't! Those kitty's are lucky to have place like that! 🙂

    thumb Francisca S.


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