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  •   Visiting the Lanai Cat Sanctuary was probably my favorite thing I did on my Maui trip. Sure I did a ton of diving, snorkeling, and sightseeing but none of that could top the heaven that is the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. From the moment I went in I was filled with pure joy seeing all 600+ cats. I made sure I visited every enclosure and gave every cat I possibly could the attention they deserve. I wish I could adopt every single precious angel at the sanctuary. Can't wait to go back!! Don't forget to donate!

    thumb Liron M.
  •   This might seem skeptical since every review is 5 stars. It IS NOT a scam!!! The sanctuary is amazing. The island and staff has done such a great job in providing a beautiful home for all the cats. Plenty of food, healthy cats, and shelters. Not all the cats are social, and that's fine. There's over 600 that you can interact with!

    tough getting there, but highly recommend Albertas private mini van! very nice and knowledgable. Fair Is $100 for sanctuary and town round trip. She allows split parties if all have been vaccinated and agree to share with one another.

    thumb Sean S.
  •   This place was absolutely purrfect! If you love cats, definitely come here! It was super beautiful and full of the sweetest and friendliest cats you'll ever met. My boyfriend had like 8 cats on him at one point 🙂 They clearly are also very happy and well taken care of. I was very impressed. The ladies who work there are also so kind and friendly. We took the ferry from Maui just to come here and it was well worth it! They give you a bag of treats and let you give them to the kitties. There are lap cats and even cats who climb on your back :0 Really great place and we made sure to donate to them at the end. Highly recommend!

    thumb Melanie D.
  •   My wife and I visited the Lanai Cat Sanctuary on our first full day in Maui.  We took the ferry from Lahaina and secured a ride ahead of time with one of the island's taxi services (van).  This was a highlight of our trip.  The sanctuary itself is very clean and set up with cats' behavior and nature in mind - plenty of places to hide, explore and perch.  We appreciated the staff, the entry tour, and access to complimentary treats to give the cats.  We visited each of the enclosures, also spending time with the seniors as well as the newest enclosure with newer arrivals.  The cats are very social and we noted with their body language that they were relaxed and well cared for.  We appreciated the "welcoming committee" in the first enclosure and the attention (and treats) they sought.  As cat lovers and owners we really enjoyed visiting.  We made a donation and bought several logo t-shirts as mementos of our time at the sanctuary.  For a cat lover, this is a must see when visiting Maui or Lanai.

    thumb Christopher D.
  •   This place was beyond magical. The staff were so friendly and knew so much to share with us. We stayed all day and hungout in purrradise. Definitely make sure you bring your own food or snacks to eat as they only sell drinks at the sanctuary. So many sweet kittens and sweet cats.

    thumb Marisa K.


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Lanai Cat Sanctuary Partners with Kamaka Air Cargo, Greater Good Charities & Wings of Rescue to airlift 60 “Lanai Lions” to the mainland for adoption

October 20th, 2020|

Due to the months of shutdown caused by COVID-19, Hawaii shelters are having trouble adopting pets into local homes. On [...]




“We can’t wait to play and cuddle with you! What better time to visit than the summer? Who's in?" #lanaicatsanctuary #visitlanaicatsanctuary #welovecats #kittypurradise #catsfordays #catslove

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