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  •   Loved, loved, loved my visit!  This sanctuary is beautiful maintained and all the kitties well cared for. Staff and volunteers very welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable!

    thumb Mary M.
  •   I love love love this place! Can't wait to go back! There's cats every where! Well kept sanctuary, the staff and volunteers really takes great care not only the cats but also the whole sanctuary. Very clean, a nice environment to hang out and relax with these lucky felines!

    thumb Ivy V.
  •   The Lanai cat sanctuary is a must see! The cats are so well taken care of, they are friendly and the volunteers truly love them!

    The sanctuary is donation based so if you feel you want to contribute you can.

    The sanctuary is sectioned off perfectly. We loved going to see the seniors and loving on them, the little kittens were great, the larger gated area was great too, and we didn't want to keep bothering the volunteer with asking questions so I wish we had spent some time with the FIV cats (we couldn't figure out which way to go to get to them and I wonder if others do too)

    Overall great experience and we will definitely stop by again when we come to Lana'i

    thumb Chantel C.
  •   If you are a domestic cat lover and missing your feline friends from home, or just appreciate the good thing these folks are doing for their community, this is a must visit! I was amazed at the cleanliness and resort style cat living sanctuary these people created for cats that would have otherwise been at risk. We were handed a bag of treats to take in and were greeted by eager to love on you kitties of all shapes and sizes. My favorite part was being able to play with the kittens in their own separate shangrila and wish I could take all of these wonderful little creatures from heaven, home with me. Please donate generously if possible and thank you to the kind folks that created and cared enough to build this unique cat sanctuary.

    thumb Dj M.
  •   This place is like therapy for me every time I visit. The workers take really good care of the cats and somehow remember all of their names lol! The cats themselves are super sweet and just want attention and love. All you have to do is sit down and wait a couple of seconds for a bunch of them to approach you for scratches. A worker told me they usually get around 50 adoptions annually so it's nice to hear that some of the cats do get forever homes.

    thumb Jisoo Y.


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Lanai Cat Sanctuary Partners with Kamaka Air Cargo, Greater Good Charities & Wings of Rescue to airlift 60 “Lanai Lions” to the mainland for adoption

October 20th, 2020|

Due to the months of shutdown caused by COVID-19, Hawaii shelters are having trouble adopting pets into local homes. On [...]




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Kindness keeps Lanai’s only animal rescue shelter open.

Lanai Cat Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. FEIN 26-1329156
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