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  •   If you are a cat person, this is the absolute best place on earth!!  Great staff, and lots of cats to give love to!! Also, if you're looking for a cause to support, I highly encourage you to support these great people!!!

    thumb Randy M.
  •   If you love cats, this is such a wonderful place to visit. It's clean, cute, and organized. There are 650 cats in several different cages! When we went into the first cage, most of the cats were not hungry, but they were super friendly and very used to humans. There is another cage for smaller cats, but when we were there, they were not interested in playing with humans and didn't want to come out. Then we went to the third cage further away, which was actually a newer cage. The cats there wanted to eat but were a little more scared of humans and a little more defensive. My kids got some mild scratches but still thoroughly enjoyed playing with the cats. If you love cats, you can literally spend hours at this sanctuary. The staff members are really nice and very informative. There are portable potties and washing stations. The shuttle makes a stop at the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, and the rental car can also drive on the semi-paved road to get to the Lanai Cat Sanctuary.

    thumb Maggie C.
  •   This place was sooooo cool! We've been in Hawaii for a little over a week and have been missing our own cats a ton, so this helped us get out cat fix for a while. A lot of the cats were very friendly(especially the kittens, Elaine and Ernestine). The whole facility was awesome! These cats are so lucky! The place was so much fun and I really recommend it to anyone visiting/living in Lanai.

    thumb Riley R.
  •   This place is absolutely as awesome as advertised. Cats everywhere being taken care of, and most are friendly and love attention. A must for cat lovers.

    thumb Roni S.
  •   5 stars is honestly not enough for this place. Lanai Cat Sanctuary is a MUST SEE! The staff is amazing and informative. When visiting, there was not one person without a smile on their face. Also, the cats seemed to be very well taken care of, happy, and stress free. These sweet kitties made my first trip to this island complete and I definitely plan to come back ASAP. Thank you Lanai Cat Sanctuary for what you do.

    thumb Cheyenne B.


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Lanai Cat Sanctuary Partners with Kamaka Air Cargo, Greater Good Charities & Wings of Rescue to airlift 60 “Lanai Lions” to the mainland for adoption

October 20th, 2020|

Due to the months of shutdown caused by COVID-19, Hawaii shelters are having trouble adopting pets into local homes. On [...]









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