Stargazing at LCSMarch 2023 – Lanai Cat Sanctuary hosted a stargazing event led by Ohana Kilo Hoku, Stargazers of Hawaii and University of Hawaii’s astronomists. The stargazing initiative convened the curious to share the experience with 675 cats. Night prowlers – both feline and human – united to learn Hawaiian star stories and the science of star lines.

More than 70 people attended the stargazing event with our felines. Guests had the opportunity to view the sky with telescopes and children had access to glow sticks.

View the live stream of the event here.

This event came on the heels of an asteroid, a bit smaller than a football field, which passed Earth at a relatively close distance of 107,500 miles. This is a spectacle that happens about once every 10 years, skywatchers say. The asteroid designated 2023 DZ2 passed about halfway between the Earth and the moon’s orbit at a speed of about 17,403 mph, astronomers said. It’s an estimated 140 to 310 feet in diameter.

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