May 2023 – Mahalo to Liz O’Connell, Yahoo Life and PetHelpful for featuring us. Read the article below and visit us when traveling to Maui and Lanai.

Gorgeous Cat Sanctuary in Hawaii Has People Packing Their Bags

When you hear about Hawaii, you typically hear that it is the most beautiful place in the world. The beaches, the mountains, the volcanoes, and of course, the perfect weather year-round. But after seeing this video from TikTok user @nathanthecatlady, we don’t want to go to Hawaii for what it’s known for…

Instead, we’re going to one place and one place only – the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. One look at this clip and you’ll realize heaven on earth does exist. Check it out!

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O.M.G. Stop it! We don’t care how long or expensive it might be to get to Hawaii because we’re going to make it work and we WILL get to this cat sanctuary. Mark our word! And we definitely aren’t the only ones who will be adding this to their bucket list. TikTokers are flooding the comment sections with their plans on visiting.

“HOW’D YOU GET TO HEAVEN??!?” asked @chicken_quesadillas. That’s what we’re wondering! We’re so glad this TikToker decided to share with us where this little slice of heaven is so we can visit one day. @insomuchspace added, “Got a reason to go to Hawaii now!” That’s what we saying! Forget about surfing and hiking. There’s a cat sanctuary that needs visitors or even adopters!

This sanctuary is truly doing amazing work. They’ve brought in over 1,800 cats since 2014 with about 1,000 adoptions during that time. If you’d like to learn more about this cat sanctuary, or even book your next vacation with this place in mind, please visit the Lanai Cat Sanctuary website for more.

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