August 2023 – It has been devastating to witness the impact the wildfires have had on our neighbors on Maui. We are heartbroken over the loss of lives and the hundreds of families who have had their futures changed forever.

Lahaina, Maui is just a short ferry ride from our Sanctuary and, up until a few days ago, hundreds of visitors a week would shuttle between the two islands to visit us. In fact, about 95% of our visitors came from Maui.

While we are not in danger of the fires we will be greatly affected financially. Most of our donations come from the folks who visit us and most of those visitors come from Maui. Our typical 100-plus visitor count has dropped to less than a handful per day. We anticipate this disaster to hit us financially even harder than Covid-19.

The good news is that our 676 cats and staff are safe. We have received many emails and calls from our amazing supporters asking what they can do for us. The most impactful way to help is through a monetary donation, which can be made here, or mailed to PO Box 631577 Lanai City, Hawaii 96763.

If you are planning to visit us, you can do so by booking an airline ticket on Mokulele Airlines. Our normal business hours (10am-3pm daily) will remain the same for now, but we may have to scale back depending on funding so please check our website for updates.

Our hearts are with the Maui community at this time and will be throughout the grieving and rebuilding process.

Mahalo for your continued support during this difficult time for all of us.