August 2023 –Mahalo to PBS Hawaii and moderator Daryl Huff for raising awareness about the needs and issues of feral cats in Hawaii. Watch the discussion here.

Lanai Cat Sanctuary’s Keoni Vaughn participated in the discussion which included representatives with a variety of perspectives including sheltering and conservation. Explore the delicate balance between caring for feral feline inhabitants and preserving the islands’ unique wildlife, their diverse viewpoints shed light on fostering coexistence and conservation.

Keoni expressed his thoughts on Lanai’s cats and birds: “I felt that it was really important to do what I could to protect the native and endangered species as they were here first. We’ve been told there hasn’t been a cat predation on Lanai since 2020. So I would like to think we’re making a difference.”

Alongside Keoni, the other guests provided their own insights from their experiences from across Hawaii. Each guest’s perspective contributed to a multifaceted discussion on the path towards coexistence between feral cats and Hawaii’s remarkable wildlife. By integrating scientific knowledge, community engagement, veterinary care, responsible community members and pet owners and cultural appreciation, we can pave the way for compassionate solutions and a brighter future for all beings sharing these beautiful islands.

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