October 16, 2018 – By the grace of Mother Nature, Hurricane Lane and Tropical Storm Olivia passed us by this summer.

Living on the remote island of Lanai, we are always prepared for hurricane season, which lasts from June to November.

We shelter our most frail felines in our converted shipping container to protect them from the elements. Enough food and medical supplies are ordered to sustain four to six weeks in case there is damage to Lanai’s one and only port of entry. Also, all furniture and equipment that can take flight is secured.

While our set up is far from ideal, it is workable. A consolation, in addition to preparedness, is to remind ourselves that 95% of these cats at our sanctuary came from the outdoors. It isn’t uncommon to see cats playing in the rain while we dash for cover. Hidey boxes, cafeteria and bunkhouses are beloved options for our cats seeking shelter.

We are so grateful that we were spared from this summer’s storms and for the well wishes and concerns expressed. Their safety and protection our kitty ohana is our top concern.