February 5, 2019 – 2018 has been a flurry of construction as we reinvent the sanctuary and move towards our dream of welcoming more cats. Here’s what we’ve been working on.

A play yard for 300 more cats. The fence design is a spin off of a proven stainless steel predatory fencing that is typically used to protect birds by keeping cats away from bird nests. We took that design, modified it a little and swapped the direction. Our goal is to keep cats in. Because of the stainless steel design, it is far sturdier and will last a lot longer than the previous fencing. Thanks to an anonymous donor, we were able to build this fence.

A second senior center. Because so many of the cats in care are elderly, we are preparing for an growing aging population and have built a 2,000 square-foot senior center. This will help us keep a closer eye on the ones that depend on us the most.

Finally, we are building eight 20’x 20’ individual treatment centers. Cats in need special medical treatment and attention will have a larger enclosure in which to recuperate while allowing our trained staff to medicate and closely observe their healing.

What we need to continue this life-saving work: While the need to build more shelters to accommodate cats is always on the back of my mind, so is keeping up with the increased costs of care for our existing and new feline residents. Our average cost of care (includes average of our healthy and cats needing extensive care) is $750 per cat per year. Your donations make caring for our 600+ cats possible.

With all of these wonderful new structures, we are offering naming opportunities on these and other areas for donors who will help to support our vision. Contact me for a list of ways to be a part of this exciting expansion.