May 1, 2019 – Joe Adarna of Oahu has joined as Sanctuary Manager and brought a wealth of animal welfare leadership, knowledge and experience. Previously, he ran the admissions center for an Oahu shelter and served as an anti-cruelty officer. In both posts, protection and care of cats were his top priorities and passion. He is determined to make Hawaii a better place for felines. We are so grateful to have his as part of our ohana (family).

Joe got right to work when we rescued several cats from an area where endangered birds ground nest. These birds return every year to have their babies and lay just one precious egg a year.

When we brought these furry and ferocious felines to the sanctuary, we discovered that two were pregnant moms. We got everything in order to serve as a maternity ward, neonatal center, ICU and kitten-garten. The next day, one mom cat gave birth to 6 sweet little fur balls. The following day, the other had three. Then, seven 4 week-old orphaned kittens arrived. With all these little mewing mouths to feed, Joe had to coordinate round-the-clock care. With our small staff, it has been a challenge, but one that we take on with great joy and purpose.